Author: Sian Perry

Meet Menna Evans

MEET MENNA EVANS: In a couple of weeks Menna will be flying to New Zealand, setting herself the challenge of running from one end to the other and also breaking the current record, no pressure then! Last week we caught with the self employed dog groomer from Llansadwrn in Carmarthenshire to find out a bit […]

GOWER COASTAL RACES – Race reviews 2019

GOWER COASTAL RACES – Race reviews 2019 We did the 23 mile and turned it into a 25 mile 🙂 the Vale Trail in April lulled us into a false sense of security on the navigation front – will be memorising the maps for the next one! After experiencing every kind of terrain possible we […]

Interview with Paul Maskell

Interview with Paul Maskell, ultra runner Based in Cornwall, Paul runs for the Mudcrew ultra team and he is one of the UK’s best ultra-distance athletes. He has won some significant UK races in recent years including the Arc of Attrition and this year’s SDW100. Later this year Paul is representing GB over 24hrs. Paul […]

Marathon Recovery – by The Endurance Physio

Firstly, congratulations!!! Congratulations on completing your spring marathon, but also congratulations on committing to those horrible dark, cold and often wet winter months of long runs and heavy miles. That deserves a medal itself! One of the most frequently asked questions I am asked is what is the best recovery strategy? What should I do? […]

Confessions of an Ultramarathon Virgin – by Layton Jones

I’m not sure how it all came about but somehow I entered the Run Walk Crawl Vale Coastal Ultra. Probably down to of my ‘I wonder if ‘ moments, which is usually the case. Up until that moment, the furthest I had run was a ‘Long Half’ at 22.5km but I accepted the challenge and […]

Welsh wonder Whittle conquers world’s toughest race.

A triathlon coach from Cardiff has become the first Welshman to complete the world’s toughest, coldest, windiest ultra-distance race by finishing joint fifth at the 6633 Arctic Ultra in Canada. Mark Whittle was running the non-stop, 380-mile self-supported foot race across the Arctic Circle for the first time and came home in exactly the same […]

Man v Horse – Race Profile

This year sees the 40th Anniversary of Man v Horse. The event started in 1980 when local landlord Gordon Green overheard a discussion between two men in his pub, the Neuadd Arms. One man suggested that over a significant distance across country, man was equal to any horse. Green decided that the challenge should be […]

Top 5 Tips For Injury Free Running – by The Endurance Physio

Endurance sports and running Physio expert Mike James has spent over 20 years treating novice to elite runners worldwide from 1500m to 100-mile+ races. He is also a competitive runner who has completed over 150 marathons and ultra-marathons. Widely known as “The Endurance Physio”, Mike specialises in helping endurance athletes maximise their performance and reduce […]

What motivates you to run? – by Lowri Morgan

You’ll never be able to run properly again’ said the surgeon after I shattered my knee, broke my tibia, fibia, ligaments and cartilage after a sporting accident when I was 18 years old. Consistently doing what you need to do to succeed, with total focus and resolve, is incredibly difficult. And that’s why the ability […]

Arc of Attrition 2019 – Revenge – by Steve West

Last year I failed to complete this race. (Arc of Attrition – DNF 9th Feb 2018). I was gutted! I had trained hard for 6 months, doing big mileage weeks and I felt good. However the Arc is no normal race, not even a normal 100 miler. Mudcrew designed this race to be hard, really hard! […]

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